About Us​

Susan Marks & Advocates is an Arizona-based law firm and advocacy group devoted to addressing issues arising from having a disability. Our clients have the benefit of working with an advocate and/or working with an attorney as needed. By keeping these two services within one firm, there is less wasted time when a case transitions from advocacy work to legal work.​ We provide services throughout Arizona. Our advocates are located in Phoenix and Cottonwood.

Our Mission​

Our mission is to ensure that the civil rights and necessary services provided under law are available to individuals with disabilities, whether it be in schooling or community services. We believe that all individuals have a right to access the services that will ensure their quality of life and access to full membership in inclusive communities.​ We seek to accomplish our mission by offering:

  • Educational consultation services for parents to build their advocacy skills.
  • Educational events for families and self-advocates.
  • Special training and coaching on relevant topics throughout the year.
  • Partnerships with other advocacy and self-advocacy groups to affect change in policies.​

Supporting Our Community ​

By hiring our Firm, you will be supporting our commitment to providing pro bono and low bono services in order to:

  • Make legal services available to parents advocating for their children to receive quality education in the least restrictive environment; and​
  • Make legal services available to adults with disabilities to protect their civil rights and access to necessary services.

In order to make legal and advocacy services available to individuals who need our services, our fee structure is designed to be flexible. We know that many questions arise about costs with seeking legal and advocacy services. We will develop either an hourly or a flat fee plan that will best meet the needs of the individual seeking representation. In the spirit of transparency, we offer the following information as a general guideline: initial half-hour consultation is free; advocacy services is $95 per hour; and rates for legal services will vary depending on the type of legal matter (range is from $170 to $350 per hour). Please be aware that until a fee agreement is signed, this fee guideline is for informational purposes only.

Our pro bono and low bono work focuses on cases having the greatest potential impact for others in similar circumstances.

If you and/or your organization would like to support our work, click here to learn more about our Sponsorship Program.